revolveMCR Paintworks

Standard is boring!

The paintworks was set up in 2018 to offer everything from stock resprays to wild custom paintjobs. We do everything from vintage refurbishments (including steel frame repairs and modifications) to original paint schemes on brand new frames. Bring us a complete design or just some ideas and we’ll do the rest. 

Metal frames get stripped to the bare metal and all scratches and dents are repaired. The frame is then primed in a high quality 1k primer before base colours and graphics are applied, and then sealed with a tough 2k clearcoat.

Carbon is slightly different. Because carbon can’t be media blasted to strip the existing paint, the existing finish is painstakingly hand sanded to provide a key for the new paint. Stripping to bare carbon is an optional extra.

Standard two-colour paintwork (ie main colour plus a few details / logos) from £350.

Contact us for details!

Custom bike paint
Kinesis Custom Paint
Kinesis Custom Paint BB detail