Soma Fabrications

Soma Fabrication make bikes that are practical, durable, comfortable, affordable… they make ‘real’ products aimed at the everyday cyclist. The results: A better tire lever, water bottles that don’t taste like plastic, and steel frames that’s got people smiling from the commute to the singletrack. The San Francisco Bay Area is where they are located, with year round riding weather and a strong bike culture.

For the team at Soma, “everyday” doesn’t mean “commonplace,” “unremarkable,” or “ordinary”.
It’s the person that gets out and rides everyday or almost everyday: Using their bike for commuting, for work, for errands, for fitness, or just for the joy of riding. I guess in some European cities that could seem ordinary, but that’s besides the point. What matters is their equipment needs aren’t ordinary. They need stuff that is versatile, tough, long-lasting, priced reasonably and makes their lifestyle a little better.

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