We bend wafer-thin steel tubes to create really robust, perfectly shaped luggage carriers – hand-made and laboriously surface-finished. There aren’t many companies that can even do this. And nobody can do it better than we can. This is because we work tirelessly to make it easier for you to carry luggage on your bike. With luggage carriers that make your journey easier and more comfortable. With luggage carriers that have made a name for themselves throughout the world. With luggage carriers that we specifically developed to be used all around the world and to make a name for themselves in this very way.

For 30 years, tubus has been the globally leading brand for durable bike luggage carriers made from steel tube. Because the quality’s right. From the first sketch to our internally produced test series and finally the finished carrier. We ensure quality by means of constant product maintenance and test methods that are supposedly the most stringent in the branch.

We have so much confidence in our carriers that we’re happy to provide you with a 30-year guarantee. And a three-year “mobile guarantee” to boot! You and your tubus: A great journey – no matter how long it becomes.


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