MRI Maintenance Session

Book here for the free maintenance sessions run by the Hospital Sustainability Team with revolveMCR.
This session is located on MRI’s Oxford Road Campus, located outside of M&S, the Boulevard.

A professional mechanic will check your bike and perform any necessary minor servicing items within a time limit of 30 minutes per bike. Please arrive at your allocated time if possible, we understand if you are early or late, but our goal is to avoid any large gatherings at the beginning of the day. We are not usually taking in drop-ins, due to the appointments getting booked up. If you can’t make it, please do cancel with enough notice, so we can make the session available for others. When dropping off your bike, please place it in the drop off area for the mechanic to collect and respect social distancing. The mechanic will sanitise the contact surfaces of your bike before and after working on it. 

Happy riding!