Maintenance Courses

We can, if you want, cycle around with you the whole time making the little tweaks and occasional emergency repairs that bikes inevitably require. It will cost a few bob though.

Alternatively, you could come along to some of our courses and learn how to do it yourself. We've made some changes to the format of our courses following the first round of them last winter, and will soon e offering the following new-and-improved version!

Examples of the kind of courses we can provide:

Beginners' Guide to Bicycle Maintenance

Probably the only bike maintenance course you'll ever need to go on!

We spend the morning on roadside repairs - how to mend a puncture and a broken chain - and the afternoon is the old Basic bike care 1 course, as follows:

Basic bike care 1: Cleaning, lubing and interim servicing

Basic bike care between services extends the life of your components, keeps your bike running smoothly and costs next to nothing. It's also really quick and easy when you know what you're doing, which you will do after this session.

We will cover (and you will do):

  • How to clean your bike, including the chain and drivetrain
  • Where, when and how to apply lubricants
  • How to adjust brakes to compensate for pad wear
  • How to adjust gears to compensate for cable stretch
  • Warning signs that you need a service