Cinelli Bikes

Let us wind the clock back to 1947. An outstanding professional rider with 15 years of pedalling in his legs decides to bring to fruition, some of the ideas developed in his mind, during the course of many kilometres on the road. His name: Cino Cinelli.

History remembers Cino less for his racing career, but more for his design innovations. Cino gave modern cycling the first aluminium handlebars, the first saddle with a plastic core, the first pedal straps and the first quick release pedals.

Thirty years went by and in 1978 Cino handed the company over to a young industrialist, a leader in the field of steel tubing, with a love of cycling: Antonio Colombo.

With this change of leadership the Cinelli brand was transformed. Antonio instigated a series of collaborations with artists, making Cinelli the first brand to take a passion for art and integrate this into the world of bicycles.

Over the years the company has collaborated with the world’s leading designers and artists: from the Laser by Keith Haring to the Cinelli logo designed by Italo Lupi, to the limited-edition Supercorsa by Barry McGee, and Mike Giant accessories.

Cinelli is now known throughout the world for its bicycles that combine not only an emotional, cultural and artist elegance, but are designed for optimum technical performance.

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