Customer Feedback

Our last customer satisfaction survey was in December 2011. We had 23 responses. Of these 23 charming individuals, 17 rated our overall service as “Awesome”, and the remaining 6 said we were “pretty good”. Which is a bit of a result really. Here’s some of their comments:

  • “You only charged me the lower service price, I didn’t have a clue, and you said I didn’t need the more expensive service. I really value this honesty…

    …Fantastic service and bike just floated along after the service.”

    – Michelle, Manchester

  • “Never used a mobile mechanic before, though judging by your last visit, I’d have no reason to go elsewhere”

    Mark Lovatt, Unitel Manchester

  • “Took the time to actually do the job properly rather than rushing it and hoping it would do.”

    – Jon Hancock, Northern Moor:

So give us a call on 07939 062 600 and prepare to be impressed!